Where to shop for homeowners insurance in Kenai & Soldotna Alaska

Country Financial Leslie Baker 262-2866
43299 Kalifornsky Beach Rd, Ste 18, Soldotna, AK 99669

Walters @ Associates Insurance 283-5116
130 S Willow St #8, Kenai, Alaska 99611

Homer Insurance Center 235-3881
509 Sterling Hwy. Suite 201 Homer Alaska 99603

Alaska USA Insurance: (907) 714-4367
Alaska USA Financial Center
230 Bidarka St., Suite 120, Kenai, AK 99611

State Farm Kenai 283-7166
10735 Kenai Spur Highway, Ste 1, Kenai, AK 99611

State Farm Soldotna 262-4440
35202 Kenai Spur Hwy, Suite 1, Soldotna, AK 99669-7622

Questions to ask when shopping for homeowners Insurance:

  • Is this insurance company dependable?
  • What does this policy cover, and what doesn’t it cover?
  • Should I buy a separate flood and/or earthquake insurance policy?
  • How much stuff do I need to protect?
  • How much is the personal property in my home worth in the event of a total loss?
  • Do I need extra insurance for jewels, toys or guns?
  • What is the rebuilding cost of my home?
  • What is the claims history of my home?
  • How will future claims be handled?
  • How much liability protection do I need?
  • What level of additional living expense coverage do I need? The Additional Living Expenses (ALE) provision is found in standard homeowners insurance policies. It pays for the costs of living away from home if you cannot reside there due to damage from an insured disaster.
  • Do I qualify for any discounts? Discounts are available if you have higher deductibles, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, dead bolt locks, hurricane shutters, or laminated glass.

Rules For Investing In An Alaska Housing Recovery

IMG_0771The Kenai Peninsula housing recovery is in full swing and many investors are considering buying an income property. In the Kenai and Soldotna real estate market single family homes are a popular option. The profit potential in single family homes for investment has been a consistently long-term investment in good and bad economies. They offer investors the opportunity of high loan-to-value mortgages at fixed interest rates for 30 years on appreciating assets, tax advantages and reasonable control that other investments don’t offer.

In 2012 , Warren Buffet said that if he had a way of buying a couple hundred thousand single-family homes, he would load up on them. Blackstone Group L.P. (BX) has now purchased over 30,000 homes and American Homes 4 Rent (AMH) has more than 19,000 for rental purposes. Individual investors actually have an advantage over the institutional investor but if they are not familiar with rental real estate, some basic rules could be very helpful.

Rules to Guide Your Real Estate Investment: Single Family Homes

  • Invest now to get more in the future. Whether it is time, effort or money, the prudent investor is willing to forego immediate gratification for something more at a later date.
  • Real estate is an IDEAL investment. IDEAL is an acronym that stands for income, depreciation, equity build-up, appreciation and leverage.
  • Invest in a alaskan single family homes in predominantly owner-occupied neighborhoods at or below average price range. This strategy should involve homes that will increase in value, rent well and appeal to an owner-occupant in the future who will pay a higher price than an investor.
  • Location, location, location. The same homes in different areas will not behave the same. You can improve the condition, modify the terms or adjust the price but the location can’t be changed.
  • Understand your strategy – buy and sell, buy and hold or buy, rent and hold. These three distinct strategies involve big differences in acquisition, management and taxation.
  • Know where your profit is coming from before you invest. The four contributors to profit are cash flow, appreciation, amortization and tax savings. They don’t contribute equally or the same in all investments.
  • Profit starts with purchase. Buying the property below market value builds profit into the investment initially.
  • Risk is directly proportionate to the reward involved. An investment that has a high degree of upside also will have considerable downside risk.
  • Avoid functional obsolescence unless you have a plan before you buy.The lack of usefulness or desirability of a home that exists when you buy it will still be there when you sell it. Unless it can be cured, it will affect future profit.
  • Good property + good tenant + good management = great investment. These are three solid components for a successful investment.
  • Problems left unresolved have a tendency to get worse. It is generally cheaper in time or money to fix a problem earlier rather than later.

If you’d like more information about the opportunities in our market, contact me. Glenda Feeken RE/MAX of the Peninsula 907 252 2743


The Hidden Snags of Selling Kenai River Real Estate

When it comes to selling Kenai River real estate agents are faced with the task of addressing the often unrealistic expectation of the sellers. Too often Kenai River homeowners believe the real estate tales instead of asking for the facts. In this post we will explore a few common misconceptions regarding Kenai River Real Estate. Hopefully this will help our sellers avoid getting caught on a snag.
Soldotna Real Estate For Sale

Kenai River Real Estate Snag #1: The best time to market my home is during the summer.

The numbers don’t add up! In fact over half of the Kenai River real estate sold when the ground was frozen. It is true that May and June are the busiest months with 6 of the 17 recent sales. But 7 of the sales happened before May and only 4 Kenai River homes sold after June.

1st Quarter Sales 5

2nd Quarter Sales 10

3rd Quarter Sales 3

4th Quarter Sales 1

The best time to sell a Kenai River home is starting January 15 after Christmas vacation travel. The bulk of the action happens before the fish start to run. Kenai River home buyers spend a lot of money to live on the river and want to be able to fish. They understand the seasons and plan their shopping around it.

Kenai River Real Estate Snag # 2: The average days on market is 75 days.

On average it takes about 151 days for a Kenai River Home to sell. That does not include the number of expired or cancelled listings. On average it takes two years to sell a river home. Well priced homes in good condition can sell in as little as ten days. Others sit on the market for up to five years while the homeowners fish for a buyer. Year after year they list during the summer and fall off in the winter. When they finally sell you only see the last listing. Not the years or numerous price reductions.

Kenai River Real Estate Snag # 3: People want to spend top dollar to live on the Kenai River.

Over half of the recent Kenai River homes sales were less than $400,000. The Kenai River real estate market is composed of vacation home market, local folks and lodges. Kenai River homes that do sell above $400,000 are contemporary, feature rich homes with upgraded amenities and are in excellent condition. None were fixer uppers and some included furniture, fixtures and equipment.

In the last twelve months 17 river properties closed or are pending.

  • $999,000 to $900,000 – 2 Sales
  • $899,000 to $700,000 – 0 Sales
  • $699,000 to $600,000 – 2 Sales
  • $599,000 to $500,000 – 3 Sales
  • $499,000 to $400,000 – 0 Sales
  • $399,000 to $300,000 – 6 Sales
  • $299,000 to $200,000 – 2 Sales
  • $199,000 to $150,000 – 2 Sales, they have a view of or access to the Kenai River

Kenai River Real Estate Snag #4: It doesn’t matter if I overprice my home. Someone will make an offer.

Home buyers in Kenai and Soldotna don’t negotiate, they buy. It is hard to explain but generally most buyers have an expectation of value and price based upon their research online. Buyers have more information about the sales history and comparable sales than at any point in the history of real estate in this country. They are aggressively comparison shopping homes. Most homes sells for about 97% of asking price.  There were roughly 48 active Kenai River listings and only seventeen sold. The buyers could be picky.

Kenai River Real Estate Snag #5: Buyers want to be on the Kenai River so badly that they will overlook the fact that my house is junk.

At the time I wrote this article there were forty eight Kenai River homes listed for sale. In the last 12 months only 17 actually sold or pended. So we have a 2.8 year supply of Kenai River real estate. Buyers want a quality asset. Kenai River real estate is often an investment or second home. They do not want to buy someone else’s problem. And with a 2.8 year supply of Kenai River Homes they don’t have to settle for subpar properties with construction defects or deferred maintenance.


All experienced fishermen know the difference between fishing and catching. Unfortunately many of our local homeowners choose to go fishing instead of selling their Kenai River home. They spend years fishing for buyers before realizing that they are not getting any bites. Only after adjusting the price and condition do most finally land a sale.


The Kenai River real estate market is in flux. The low returns for Kenai King Salmon has not helped the sale of high dollar river homes. Most fish charter companies have a very hard time booking Red Salmon only charters. Consequently the Kenai River lodges suffer as well.


This is further complicated by sellers setting their pricing and expectation at a very different level than the expectations of buyers, particularly those from the lower 48.  At the same time, buyers are often not familiar with the cost of maintaining the river bank on the Kenai River and are surprised by the continuing regulation and accompanying maintenance.


As with all important decisions, knowledge is power. If you have questions on the value of your Kenai River home or are considering buying call us today to get the real story. 907 252 2743

47215 Eagle Ridge Court Kenai, AK 99611: Kenai Real Estate

Kenai real estate for sale in the pleasant River Hills neighborhood.  This conveniently located area is great for fishing and offers Kenai River views for some homeowners with nicely treed lots for privacy.  Located between the City of Kenai and Soldotna off K-Beach road.

Kenai Real Estate For SaleKenai Real Estate For Sale

Step into this Kenai home’s arctic entry which keeps out the cold and dirt of main living area. The living room has soaring ceiling with T&G wood paneling and wall of windows welcomes in the warm glow of sunshine. The main level has the kitchen, two bedrooms, full bath and laundry. The second story has a private master suite. You have a 289 sq ft garage storage, a large storage shed.  Come view this 1,816 sq ft 3 bedroom, 2 bath home.Kenai Real Estate For Sale

The kitchen is awesome with a high ceiling, light color cabinets and tons of natural light. The large island with a butcher block counter top and 2 ovens make entertaining such a breeze. This home is very charming with a sunny breakfast nook and decorative beams for hanging and training your plants. Kenai Real Estate For Sale

Upstairs in this Kenai property you have a small balcony area overlooking the living room back with space for a reading chair and couch or small work station. The large private master suite is to the rear of the home with very large walk in closet. The master bedroom has doors that open out to a private deck overlooking the treed back yard. The master suite enjoys a private vanity with large counter area and a separate bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub set by a large window and glass shower.

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52850 Kingery Road North Kenai AK 99635: North Kenai Real Estate

Well-built cedar sided North Kenai real estate for sale. This home at 52850 Kingery Road North Kenai, Alaska 99635 is a must see if you need extra rooms for your family. This four bedroom, three bath home has a space for everyone and it even includes an office.

North Kenai Real Estate For Sale

The living and kitchen areas are well appointed with an open concept design. The cabinet are configured to allow for interaction with the living room. The living room has a great custom fireplace with stone wall, very cool.  This North Kenai home also has a deck on the front and back of the home with access to each of the upper bedrooms, living room and kitchen.

North Kenai Real Estate

The two car garage is 600 square feet. You will enjoy summer with a private greet house and .92 acres of space. You also have excellent access the North Kenai Recreation Center with its gym, racket ball court and pool.

North Kenai Home For Sale

36060 Ebb Tide Drive Kenai Alaska 99611: Kenai Home For Sale

Charming Kenai home for sale with warm wood floors, vaulted ceilings and custom curved stair caste. This inviting Kenai home is a little ways out of town on K-Beach but you can still be to Safeway in under ten minutes. This simple home is a delight with natural light on our winter days. This home is not far from cannery road for easy beach access for dip netting, walks and barbecues.

Kenai Home For SaleKenai Home For Sale

  • 2 Bed
  • 1.5 Bath with tub / shower combo
  • 1576 Square feet
  • .95 Acres
  • Natural gas radiant in floor heat.

Kenai Home For Sale

Extras Include:

  • Fire pit
  • Dog kennel
  • Fenced backyard
  • Large storage shed.

Kenai Home For Sale